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My work is a culmination of an ever growing passion, first developed in the late 90's. What began as a curiosity and hobby, quickly grew into what has become a love of both photography and travel. The first camera I purchased was a simple point-and-shoot. However, after realizing my desire was to capture high quality images, it wasn't until several camera exchanges later that I was finally satisfied with my photographic equipment. 

Although I did not embrace the digital age immediately, I am now a big fan of the medium. The realization of having full control of my work from capture to presentation, and the limitless creative potential is something that has added further fuel to this passion. While most of the images contained within the galleries of my website are digital, I am proud to also offer images captured using high quality film cameras.   

Besides having led many successful photographic workshops, my work has been recognized in social forums such as Flickr and Google+, as well as various travel and nature publications. The most notable being Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Digital Photo Magazine, where two of my images were awarded second and third place respectively in the "All About Light" and "Your Best Shot" Photo Contests. In 2015 I became a contributor to the magazine which first gave me inspiration for landscape and nature photography. One of my National Park images, including original text was published in the March issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, "Favorite Places" Additional images have been published in the magazine's July 2015 and 2019 issues, "National Parks Pro Guide" One of my San Francisco images was published in the June 2016 issue of Popular Photography, as part of the magazines "Mentor Series"  

When not traveling, I live in Arizona, where my home serves as a base for my work, including processing new images and maintaining the business side of my photography.

Artist's Statement

Photography has and will always be more than just a business to me. My intent is for anyone who views one of my images to be transformed into that scene, allowing them to appreciate fully its beauty, and to renew their sense of appreciation for both nature and lifeThrough my images, my greatest desire is to unite people with nature and one another.

"Why, if we can love, appreciate and respect the many colors in nature, can we not feel the same about the simple black and white of humanity." 


Outdoor Photographer Magazine  March 2015


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